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Vampires Awaken Next Month As V Rising Early Access Begins May 17th

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Your time as a new vampire learning to build and survive is approaching. Fresh off the start of the closed beta, Stunlock Studios has set a date for V Rising to enter Early Access. Early Access will begin on May 17th  for the open-world fantasy vampire survival game, as the studio describes it.

The closed beta is currently running, and at the studio is putting together some more polish before the Early Access launch this spring. V Rising sees you as a newly awakened vampire in a world that is ruled by, and full of, humans. Of course, you have an opportunity in this world as you look to become the next Dracula.

Since there are so many humans around, this means there is plenty of food for you to strategically obtain and use to gain new powers, hide from the Sun, build, and otherwise engage in both PVE and PVP content of your choosing. Since it's an  open world, dark fantasy survival game, you can expect plenty of challenges. You will also get to build your own castle.

Like other survival games, you'll have to figure out what the best way is for you to not only survive, but to thrive in this Dark World. You'll be able to pillage local Villages, get your first pray with the local Bandits, and of course, discover the secrets of the supernatural in the lands. As you won't be alone on your server, there will be opportunities to build up your castle and your fortunes. Players will be able to attack each other’s castles and claim even more power or to engage in diplomacy and strategize.

Stunlock Studios is still taking signups for possible closed beta access if you’re looking to test things out and help them to the beta finish line. You can sign up directly over at V Rising.


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