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Vampire Survival Game V Rising Heads into Closed Beta Next Week

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 The vampire survival game from Stunlock Studios, V Rising, will enter closed beta next week on March 23rd. This beta will run for one week and players who receive invites will be able to build their castles, and explore the world ahead of the planned Early Access launch.

V Rising lets you awaken as a newly born vampire in a dark fantasy human world and chart your course to survive and become the next Dracula, or the first of whatever vampire name you come up with. Because there are humans around, you'll need them to feed on in order to unlock new powers and to survive, you'll need to build places to hide and run your operations from, and of course to hide from the sun. The game will let you engage in PvP or PVE combat and content based on your playstyle. You'll get to build a castle and explore the open-world to determine what kind of vampire you're looking to be.

Of course even when you decide how you want to play the game, other players will have their own castles and if you choose, you can try to attack them when PvP is available or to come to an understanding in a more diplomatic fashion.

Closed beta will allow both solo and co-op playthrough and give you a taste of castle building, hunting, and fighting in the game as well as other systems. There are PVP servers as well if you're looking to add additional player versus player content and challenges to your overall survival journey.

The team is still accepting applications to test the closed beta, before it launches next week for North America and Europe. If you don't get into this beta, the team is planning another one for late April and will probably have additional content added,  with further testing to come after that.

Find out more about the closed beta and to apply, head over to this announcement at V Rising 



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