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Vampire Survival Game V Rising Enters Closed Beta Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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V Rising, the open-world, Vampire survival title from Stunlock Studios has hit closed beta today, bringing three thousand vampires to its open-world. The closed beta aims to test the starting experience with both PvE and PvP servers active for players.

The closed beta, which will run about a week in length, takes players to the world of Vardoran, giving players the chance to explore all four regions which will be in the title when it hits early access. The team behind V Rising stress that the content is still being worked on for these regions, there should be plenty to do and test.

We’re finally starting the V Rising Closed Beta and are planning three test sessions before Early Access. Our first test begins March 23 and focuses on the new player experience! We’ll be shaking the dust off of a few thousand untouched coffins and introducing them to the world of Vardoran for the first time, so everyone begins on a level playing field. Those who haven’t had the opportunity to test the game just yet should start checking your emails soon, as we’ll be sending keys out later today!

The team at Stunlock stresses that this isn't the only test and that more will be coming down the road, with one soon in April, and another planned for May. However, this current test is the largest the team has done in both size and duration, according to the developers, and with both PvE and PvP servers available, it should give them plenty of data moving into future tests and, eventually, early access.

You can check out V Rising's Beta trailer in the embed below. For more information, head over to the website.


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