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Valve On One Month of Steam Deck, Working With Anti-Cheat Services, and Adding to Deck Library

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Valve has shared a reflection on just where things are with the Steam Deck a month after release. 

There are now over 2000 “Deck Verified” titles that are listed as having full support. Some other games may run, but might not have the full certification just yet. Valve says they’re continuing to work on getting more games fully supported, but also invites feedback on whether or not a particular title deserves the “Deck Verified” title or not. (We’ve investigated several MMORPG and MMO-adjacent titles recently to see just how well Steam Deck handles them). 

A particular issue that has come up a number of times when it comes to Steam Deck and essentially running a game on remote this way is the use of anti-cheat technology. Bungie is one company that specifically said Destiny 2 on Steam Deck would not be compatible since they need to run their own anti-cheat and be able to control the environments to ensure safe and fair competition. Attempting to run a game like Destiny 2 on Steam Deck could even get you sanctioned.

In the update post, Valve names Elden Ring and Apex Legends as two titles that are not compatible with Steam Deck after anti-cheat services BattlEye and Easy Anti-Cheat have a way for developers to support their technology and Proton and Steam Deck. They say that work will continue in this field since their goal is to keep expanding the Steam Deck library and are working to address this concern specifically.

They have also worked with Microsoft to enable Xbox Cloud Gaming to Steam Deck users working with the Microsoft Edge browser. This also required collaboration with the Google Chrome team since Microsoft Edge is built on Chromium, and the result is native controller support that lets you work within a browser.

For more, check out Valve’s month one Steam Deck blog.


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