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Valve Kicks Off Dota 2's 'Crownfall' Ongoing Storyline with Act 1: The Markets of Midgate

Casey Bell Updated: Posted:
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Valve has dropped the first act of Dota 2’s Crownfall, a new ongoing story event “filled with legendary heroes and unique rewards.”

The first act of the free update is titled The Markets of Midgate and focuses on the story of Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit, two heroes who share some commonality in their backgrounds.

For those less concerned about the story and want to know what rewards they can unlock, The Markets of Midgate includes “dozens” of new cosmetic sets, taunts, creeps, emoji, and two new Arcana for each of Crownfall’s aforementioned main characters.

The in-game user experience features an overworld map where players will move their characters through the streets of Skywrath in their pursuit of the throne. Other Dota 2 characters will make an appearance as well and players can veer off the beaten path to undertake a number of side quests or even do some fishing.

Playing Dota 2 proper will earn players different tokens dependent on the heroes played and those tokens can be used to open up paths on the Crownfall map and unlock various rewards.

The Markets of Midgate is the first of four Crownfall acts that Valve will release as free updates over the next few months. There’s no FOMO here, either. Players can go back and play previous acts if they join in later on.


Casey Bell