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Valve Is Ramping Up Steam Deck Shipping, Q3 Emails Coming June 30th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Valve has been slowly drip-feeding Steam Decks to people who reserved them almost a year ago, though if you're still waiting on yours there is good news ahead. Valve stated in a Tweet this morning that the company will be ramping up shipping quantities, as well as sending Q3 reservation emails this month.

Valve states that it just sent out the last batch of Q2 reservations and is looking ahead to the next batch. Q3 reservation holders should start looking out for your emails starting on June 30th, and thankfully the Decks themselves should get to a bit faster.

The company states that Steam Deck production has picked up, and now moving forward they should be able to ship double the number of Decks each week.

Just exactly how many Steam Decks will be shipping now each week isn't sure, but it's good to see that the company is moving through reservations more quickly now. The Steam Deck has been out, technically, since February 25th, though many who placed pre-orders back around July 2021 are still waiting for their unit to arrive. This isn't too shocking if you've been following the issues tech companies have had keeping consoles and other electronics in stock thanks to a general shortage of silicon since the pandemic began in 2020. 

The Steam Deck is Valve's handheld solution, bringing effectively a full PC to handheld at a rather affordable price considering. The Deck runs many of Steam's library of games with more being added every day, though you're not required to simply run games using Valve's Linux solution. Windows can also be loaded onto the device, giving you full access to your PC games, regardless of platform. We've taken the Steam Deck for a spin in multiple games, most recently as part of our Elder Scrolls Online review. 


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