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Valorant Patch Notes 3.01 Bring Bug Fixes to Agents, Social, Progression

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Bug fixes are the main focus of Valorant patch 3.01. Riot published patch notes recently, so let’s take a look at what’s been addressed.

Patch 3.0 for Valorant was pretty damn massive and added some seriously major changes in addition to introducing Account Leveling. The changes touched on weapons, agents, competitive tuning, and much more. You can read our recap of Patch 3.0 here.

Patch 3.01 is much smaller than Patch 3.0 and brings bug fixes to agents, social, and progression. The Agent-specific fixes include:

  • Sage’s can no longer place Barrier Orb on some projectiles while they’re in the air
  • Fixed bug where Skye was able to activate the flash of Guiding Light while suppressed
  • Fixed the ability to heal KAY/O while downed in NULL/CMD
  • Fixed Sova’s Recon Bolt projectile from looking deployed for enemies when flying through the air

Social fixes included fixes to prevent abusing text chat colors to mimic system messages, in addition to fixing a bug with the Invite button UI. Progression bug fixes include:

  • Fixed alignment issues in Observer view
  • Fixed Account Leveling issue where some of you got a lower level than intended
    • If impacted, you will receive your correct Account Level and will keep the AP gained while playing at the incorrect level.
  • Fixed visual issues affecting Account Leveling at the End of Game screen

Last month, Riot announced Valorant hit 14 million players and therefore was heading to mobile platforms. As yet, there’s no release date announced for the mobile debut, but we’ll keep you updated when that news drops.


Poorna Shankar