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Valorant Patch 3.02 Fixes Team Voice Slider and More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Patch 3.02 for Valorant is available now and brings with it a fix for the team voice slider, and much more adjustments and tweaks to the shooter.

The patch includes some game system updates, social updates, and bug fixes for agents and social systems. Game system updates include changes to how the game now calculates clipping. Hopefully, this means fewer clipping issues for you, specifically a lack of hands, melee weapons, abilities, and general effects.

Social updates including adding an extra space between the Match Rank and Leaderboard Ranking for any Immortal+ rankings when you hover. The patch also brings about a bunch of bug fixes for both agents and various social features. Agent bug fixes include:

  • Sage can no longer place her Barrier Orb between the pyramids on Breeze to create a sliver peek
    • “Sliver peek” refers to a very small gap created by sandwiching two things and creating an advantageous line of sight.
  • Fixed KAY/O’s textures applying themselves to weapons when he is re-stabilized during NULL/cmd(X)
  • Removed the ability to place Raze’s Boombot through some walls

Social bug fixes include:

  • Fixed a bug where the Team-voice volume sliders would always reset to 50
    • Hooray! That’s the sound of us thanking you for your patience.
  • Fixed a bug where the scrollbar in the Social Panel would sometimes display incorrectly
  • Fixed the pixelated border surrounding the Unranked icon in the Hover Card UI
  • Fixed an issue where the blurred background would sometimes make friend notes illegible in the Hover Card UI
  • Fixed a bug where the VCT Masters Reykjavik Winner Title would get overlapped by the Player Card in the Hover Card UI

You can read the full notes here. In case you missed it, Valorant’s big update 3.0 brought some huge changes, including the account leveling system.


Poorna Shankar