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Valorant Patch 2.05 Aims At Tackling AFK Behavior

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Patch 2.05 for Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant is out today and continues to tackle better AFK detection.

The social updates also include updated penalties for these AFK offenses. These new penalties include warnings, queue restrictions, XP denial, Competitive queue bans, and game bans. Additionally, Riot updated penalties for chat-based offenses to include warnings, chat restrictions, Competitive queue restrictions, and game bans.

Agent updates are limited. Sova’s owl receives unique keybinds to move it up and down. Astra also receives unique keybinds for flying up and down when she’s in Astral Form. Competitive saw an update which now allows you to enable or disable your Act Rank as a toggle.

Several bug fixes were included as well such as:

  • Fixed a bug where Ranked game icons were misaligned in Match History
  • Astra now starts Spike Rush games with all 5 star charges
  • Killjoy can’t place Lockdown off the ground by jumping and placing it on cosmetic pieces of geo on the walls anymore
  • Fixed issue where Cypher’s Spycam dart could sometimes hit players that were on the other side of a wall
  • Fixed Killjoy not getting charges from her Alarmbot and Turret back if they are recalled after she is resurrected
  • Fixed dead enemies being counted as flashed enemies in the combat report
  • Fixed Astra’s “Out of charges” VO not playing for her abilities while in Astral Form

Check out the full patch notes here.


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