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Valorant Patch 1.12 Updates Observer Mode

Plus bug fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Valorant’s latest patch, patch 1.12, may not be as massive at patch 1.11, but it does bring some updates to the Observer mode and additional bug fixes.

In Observer mode, you’ll no longer hear audio from the pings. Additionally, you’ll experience better sightline visibility. As a moderator, you’ll be able to adjust parts of the game using the Game State Modifications cheat.

The patch also touched on some social updates to the social panel, quality of life improvements, and some bug fixes including:

  • Fixed a bug where leaving/disconnecting from a Custom Game would result in a VAL-51 error, requiring the game to be remade in order for the player to rejoin
  • Fixed a bug in the end-of-game screen after an Icebox match that displayed Haven’s map, and would incorrectly display timeline markers
  • Fixed issue where players could target mid-air (dropped) weapons with some abilities
  • Left handed mode: fixed recoil animation being incorrectly mirrored (mismatching actual weapon recoil)
  • Fixed overlapping Observer UI when a player is planting/defusing
  • Fixed inconsistent team coloring on minimap pings
  • Fixed rare issue where Observer camera transition visuals could get stuck when swapping between player views


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