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Valorant Patch 1.01 Focuses on Combat and High End PCs

Plus Quality of Life Improvements and Bug Fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Patch notes 1.01 for Valorant are here, providing improvements for a smoother combat experiences, in addition to support for high end PCs.

Sage receives a reduced range to cast her barrier orb, with the Ascent map receives fixes. All maps also receive tweaks to locations in-map to better match player terms. Spike Rush sees an update pertaining to the number or orbs on map, in addition to new orbs like health orb, deception orb, and golden gun.

The Golden Gun is actually pretty powerful judging by the notes:

  • One-shot, one-kill
  • Perfectly accurate at all times
  • Agent moves at knife speed
  • Only has a single bullet in chamber and 2 backup rounds
  • Kills grant an additional round

Combat performance improvements include:

  • Skins for 9/10 players were failing to pre-load in the game. The first time you’d come across these skin in-game you’d experience a drop in framerate.
  • Reduced frame dips that would occur when a kill callout was added or removed to the hud.
  • Improved the performance of the Viper specific HUD elements which had some performance issues.

Framerates on mid to high-end PCs were also addressed, with the team improving CPU bottlenecks in the code,

  • Added multithreaded rendering support for high end machines. If your machine meets the requirements to benefit from multithreaded rendering, you'll see a new option to turn it on or off in the Graphics Quality menu. It's on by default for these machines
  • Multithreaded rendering improves performance in scenes where the cost of managing objects that need to be rendered exceeds the cost of the game simulation and the cost of actually rendering the scene on the GPU. These conditions most commonly occur when moving through scenes with lots of objects visible (ex. Split attacker spawn) and in cases where the game simulation doesn't require much work (ex. practice range, out of combat gameplay, etc.).
  • Multithreaded vision cones; minimap vision cones will now compute on another thread, if it's able to
  • Large VFX passes across all maps, this reduced the CPU side cost of these particles by allowing the GPU to do more of the simulation
  • Reworked client performance Stats to include more detailed breakdown of frame times

The patch also contains a slew of QoL improvements as well as bug fixes.


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