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Valorant Episode 2 and New Agent Yoru Launch Today

Phoenix, don't

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Episode 2 of Valorant launches today along with the newest agent, Yoru.

First up, if you missed the live stream about Episode 2: Formation, you can catch up on the whole stream via their official Twitch page here. Be sure to carve out about an hour, or just click on it and minimize it while you work.

Yoru is the biggest addition coming in Episode 2 and is described as a hybrid Infiltrator Duelist. You can check out his trailer below. Essentially, his abilities include a mix of deception, blinds, and traversal. Think of him as some unholy blend of Phoenix and Omen, with some Breach thrown in.

His abilities include Fakeout (C), Gatecrash (E), Blindside (Q), with Dimensional Drift on X as his ultimate. Fakeout is basically Paranoia from Spike Rush. Yoru can use it to create fake footsteps using an Echo. Gatecrash sends out a rift tether which Yoru can use to teleport to once activated.

Blindside is a bouncing flash which can be bounced on walls or other surfaces. It can only bounce once before it blinds. Dimensional Drift opens up another dimension which Yoru can use to traverse freely, unseen and unaffected by enemies.


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