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Valor Program Allows Transfer of Titles, Upgrades & Cosmetics

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Prior to the launch of Defiance 2050, Defiance players will be able to earn a new currency called Valor Commendations that are used to unlock special cosmetics and character boosts. These are earned by completing Pursuits (achievements). In addition, the team detailed a set of unique Defiance to Defiance 2050 perks.

Players will be able to transfer any unique titles from Defiance to Defiance 2050. IN addition, account-wide upgrades like loadout slots or character slots will be "transferable to Defiance 2050 through the Valor Program".

So what are Valor Commendations. The tl;dr version is that they are earned through completing achievements and are based on the EGO rating of the particular Pursuit. Those current Pursuits that do not yet have EGO will have them added before D2050 launches. "For players who have the majority of the current Pursuits completed, we've got you covered with new ways to gain Valor Commendations. Hunt down and kill a variety of enemies to achieve more EGO and ultimately more Valor for D2050".

In Defiance 2050, we plan to offer special cosmetics such as outfits, titles, character boosts, and vehicle skins for purchase with Valor Commendations. For example, the Red VBI Infiltrator outfit (see image above) is just one of many exclusive rewards you can unlock. Since these are rewards for the players of Defiance, we want to hear from you Ark Hunters! Head over to our official forums and let us know your thoughts on the kinds of rewards you would like to spend your Valor Commendations on. The Defiance team wants to ensure the current players are rewarded for their efforts and we hope to see them continue the fight in Defiance 2050.

As we get closer to the launch of Defiance 2050, we will announce a cutoff date for Valor Commendations being earned in Defiance. 

Read more about the Valor Program, Unique Title Transfer and Account Upgrade Transfers by visiting the Defiance site.


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