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VALOFE Takes Over Development and Publishing for Bless Unleashed PC in January

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 Neowiz has announced that it is exiting the development and publishing for Bless Unleashed PC. The news comes as development and publishing duties will be taken over by VALOFE as of January 26, 2022. VALOFE is a global games publisher and runs games like C9 Global,  and Atlantica Global

As with any publishing change, the servers will need to be updated and the entire service for Bless Unleashed PC will be moved under the new company. While the publishing and development will change, since the access works through Steam, there is unlikely to be much disruption during the transition. Under the new publisher you will be able to continue playing through Steam without major changes. Since all of the game data and payment information will continue to run through Steam, there's no need for a large-scale server transfer for all of the data. All current character data should remain accessible to players since there will be no major server changes. 

When the publishing and development changes over, future updates and news will be handled by VALOFE and the current website and all user info will be deleted. Since the old website will be deleted and all data purged, if there's anything you need from the site or wish to complete any customer support requests, you'll have to do that before it all of that ends on January 24th.

The news of the change came suddenly and Neowiz acknowledged this, with “We deeply apologize for sharing this sudden news” in its announcement. Given that it is the end of the year and the most recent news was about updates and events, the reassuring part seems to be that there should be no interruptions for players once the new deal goes through. 

For more on the publishing and development transfer, see the announcement on the Bless Unleashed PC site.


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