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Valnir Rok's Overhauled Combat System Goes Live

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Valnir Rok, the Viking-themed survival RPG, has been updated to bring a completely reworked combat system into the game. According to the update notes, the combat system has "received a new netcode that will highly improve the overall performance for players". To celebrate, the dev team is sponsoring a special streamer PvP tournament on Thursday, December 13th where a number of "influencers" will duke it out in a double elimination battle for dominance.

The heavily melee focused system consists of four core moves, which can be used to counter each other. The Base Attack hits the enemy in front of the player with a wide swing, while the Heavy Attack will inflict deep wounds, but needs to be charged first and aimed with precision at the enemies’ head. With the Low and High Block, players can protect themselves from lethal attacks. All of the new core moves can be executed both while standing still and when moving around the enemy, which makes the combat overall more fluent and provides players more variety in maneuvering during a fight. To visually top off the new system the developers have created 15 new combat animations.

Learn more on the Valnir Rok Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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