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Valnir Rok Receives Big Performance and Graphics Update

Plus 50% discount on April 6

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Valnir Rok has received a big update, plus a price discount.

Updates have been implemented on the performance and the graphic side of things along with some minor fixes. However, the next three months are set to see some enhance the game in the next three months.

Developer Benjamin Panah said this in a press release,

“Right now we shifted our focus from creating content to polishing and fixing the base game. Thanks to our community we were able to identify some of the major bugs and not so polished aspects of the game that still persist and we aim to fix them within this timeframe.”

A 50% discount starts on April 6 at 10a PT as well. Here are the changes and tweaks in the latest update:


  • Performance optimization


  • Health bar styling
  • Added missing shield icons for Grything, Svell & Aegas Ael
  • Added loading screen hints (German/English)
  • Added loading screen tips
  • Added PVP and PVE explanation to serverlist


  • Graphic postprocessing optimised
  • Adjusted light settings
  • Fixed a shader height offset issue at Drekiberg dragon tower and adjusted colliders
  • Removed build asset mesh combining
  • Reworked color grading


  • Temporary removed horse traders
  • Adjusted XP for kraken kill
  • Adjusted building repair cost
  • Adjusted collider on staircase
  • Adjusted randomized character values
  • Added damage log
  • Updated attack animation timing for wolf & kraken
  • Updated attack speed and cooldown of kraken
  • Fixed city banner guard hiring costs
  • Fixed totem decay protection time reset
  • Removed tailor requirement
  • Added exit build mode when opening windows
  • Disabled attacks during build mode Localization
  • Added English localization for city roundshield descriptions


  • Updated fir trees to prevent popping (may cause performance issues)
  • Adjusted aim camera


Poorna Shankar