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Valiance Online - Limited Open Beta Releases, Available Through August 16th

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Steven Weber Posted:
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Valiance Online has opened up Beta access to coincide with Play NYC’s digital celebration of games. The game is now available for download from their official forums, and accounts are free to create as well.

Valiance Online has been in development since 2015, and aims for a full release within the next year. The game follows closely in the footsteps of the popular Super Hero MMO City of Heroes. The Open Beta aims to bring in players and get important feedback on the game as it stands today, as well as obtain the necessary bug reports required to create a more enjoyable and stable experience. Despite the beta to be originally intended to release earlier in the day on August 10th, there was a delay as SilverHelm Studios worked on getting out a new batched file for players to download. You can now download the beta through a link on their official forums. 

Valiance Online has released a short list of known issues the game is currently experiencing that includes but is not limited to a non-working chat system, re-spawn animation glitches, combat notices outside of combat and more. The developers at SilverHelm Studios ensure that fixes will be released throughout the week to get these features up and working.

If you are interested in giving Valiance Online a try, head on over and download it now. You can also check out this recent fly-through video that shows you some of the work SilverHelm has done with their expansive level design.


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