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Valheim's Latest Update Adds Join IP Function To Server Browser

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Valheim has added a join IP function in today's latest patch, making it easier to join a dedicated server in case it was showing up in the browser. The latest patch notes also add fixes to various items in the survival game.

Perhaps the most welcome addition is the join IP function in the game's server browser. If you're playing on a dedicated server you can easily join there - assuming you have the IP address and port handy. Most players - myself included - have been logging onto dedicated servers through Steam's server browser, which requires you to launch the game thrgouh that browser. This adds the function inside the game, but it's still not perfect as there is no way to favorite or save servers in the in-game server browser. Hopefully that comes soon.

Valheim Join IP Browser

Additionally, the new patch adds some fixes to Forest crypts, as well as issues with pickable objects like stones and carrots being fixed. Valheim is also adding extra tombstone checks to the game, to keep them from disappearing - a welcome addition if you're like me and have run into dreaded Deathsquitoes and have littered the Plains with various tombstones, just waiting to be collected.

You can check out the (rather short) patch notes on the Steam page. Additionally, if you're wondering what Valheim actually is, you can check out why I can't stop playing the survival game in our most recent editorial on the game.


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