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Valheim's Horror-inspired, Fiery Ashlands Update Gets a New Trailer and a Public Test

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Valheim is revealing much more of its Ashlands update, with the brand new, horror-inspired content getting a new trailer and a public playtest. Expect a new biome, over 30 new weapons, more than 70 new buildable items, and a whole lot of new monsters to confront.

The gameplay trailer gives a taste of this, with a heavy focus on the environments, the foreboding elements, and the monstrous inhabitants of the new, fiery biome. We get a look at a handful of enemy types, from what look like regular mobs to boss battles, along with some peeks at new armor options and more. 

The public test is now open, so if you are waiting to step into Ashlands, here's your chance to help the team polish everything up. In addition to a brand new biome with new locations, there are new events, new mechanics, more than 10 new creatures, three new armor sets, to capes, new bombs and ammunition, 30 new crafting materials, five crafting station upgrades, and even more than 15 new food items and potions.

There are some brief update notes with details on how much content this big update offers, along with more detailed notes full of spoilers. A couple of mild spoilers ahead.

One thing you’ll notice as soon as you step into the new territory is there are cinders raining down from above, so try to avoid being hit or get yourself adequate protection ASAP. As we've seen in the trailer and in previous dev updates, there's a lot of lava, and even the waters around the Ashlands are boiling. Ash is in the name, and fire is all over the landscape for the land of the dead inspired biome.

With the introduction of the new biome, there are also ways to get around and to protect yourself. There are even ships that can sail in the boiling waters. You'll also be able to lay claim to fortresses that you find in these burnt locations, and one of the new creatures that you can encounter can also become a tameable mount.

Iron Gate has set up much to be discovered. There’s a ton more in the full patch notes in the public test announcement looking ahead to what's coming to Valheim soon.


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