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Valheim's Hearth And Home Update Will Adjust Health And Stamina Mechanics

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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In a new spotlight video for its upcoming Hearth and Home update, Valheim's developers detail some major changes coming to health and stamina. 

The Hearth and Home spotlight sees updates to food itself, splitting it into two categories: health and stamina foods. As a result, the way health and stamina will work in Valheim's next update can help dictate the type of Viking build you're going for.

For those who prefer to attack, you'll want stamina-based foods as your Viking attack more often. However, those looking to tank bosses and creatures for your team will want to lean into health-gaining food, as blocking power is now directly tied to the amount of health you have.

There is also a new mechanic: the stagger bar. The amount of health you have influences your stagger bar - the more health you have, the more you can "stand your ground" before the meter fills and you are staggered, leaving you open for counter attacks. 

The glimpse into the update isn't that long - the video is under a minute - but Iron Gate does close by stating the next video will touch on shields and blocking mechanics itself. You can see this in action, including the new stagger bar, in the embed below.


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