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Valheim Tests Major Backend Systems Patch and Shares a New Development Update

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Valheim continues holding tests for an upcoming patch that will optimize a number of systems, and the team has also shared a new development update.

The patch currently on the test branch (which Iron Gate is still hoping to get more testers for)  will affect a number of systems. It is intended to improve things like performance for all world sizes, network performance, load times, and a number of other backend systems. For this reason, Iron Gate is warning everyone that it is especially important to create backups if you want to test this patch. This is because they may have to roll it back and save it for sometime down the road if it’s just too much to get right at this time. Although there is another big reason to keep backing up your worlds.

“On a very important note, this patch makes your saves significantly less backwards compatible than other patches, so make sure you really do make extra backups this time.

As always, we will do our best so that you will be able to continue with your save files when this goes live, but there is always a risk that you might have to restore your backups when playing on the public test.”

In the latest development update, the team sheds some light on why they might consider rolling back the patch at this time. It has to do with the Hildir’s Quest update that the team announced several months ago. That update is coming along, and it is expected to be getting a release for testing before too long. 

They also dropped info that the Hildir’s Quest update may get a name change for the final release, since that was a working title. So, if the patch currently being tested just doesn’t work out, they’d rather release stable new content that was promised first, then return to the drawing board on the backend systems updates.

Development on the much bigger content update that will be the Ashlands is also continuing along.


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