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Valheim Releases the Mistlands Trailer and Opens Public Testing for the Update

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Valheim developer Iron Gate has been teasing the arrival of a trailer for The Mistlands, and it’s here–along with the Mistlands update itself on the public test server.

The trailer itself is just over a minute long, but it sets the stage for the environments awaiting, along with some of the creatures, settings, points of interest, and more that you’ll find within the Mistlands. The trailer premiered with the following caption: “As the mist stirs, long forgotten secrets are unveiled... Will you be brave and resilient enough to discover them?” And now we have both a peek, and if you test Valheim updates, to experience it all for yourself.

Iron Gate has been teasing elements of the new content for months, with hints and some screenshots, but they’ve always promised that it was all on the way. As the team notes in the intro today, they have worked on this for the past nine months and are finally sharing. With Valheim’s success, it’s no wonder they’ve been able to take the time to bring it all together.

There are full patch notes for the update which are centered around the new biome, Mistlands. There are nine new creatures and a Mistlands boss, new mechanics, over 20 new crafting materials, dozens of new craftable items, with additional crafting stations, and much more. Everyone can build new structures with over 35 building and furniture items, and to cook with the 15 new foods added. New items you can craft include weapons, armor, ammo, and lots more that you can discover, including those that use new skills from this update.

Given that there’s a new biome to explore and those creatures and resources to discover, there are also new lore stones, and even a new dungeon type. Also in the update are new hairstyles, new emotes, new events, and a fishing overhaul, making the skill useful in new ways that make use of the content updates.

If you are looking to get on the public test version, you can do that whether you have the game through Steam or if you have it on Microsoft PC Game Pass. You’ll have to discover the new content by exploring, and if you’ve explored every area on your world, you might need to start over to open the new content.

Find more details over at Valheim.


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