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Valheim Player Manages To Build Floating Structures And They Look Awesome

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Ever since Valheim released earlier this year, building impressive structures has been one of the favorite pastimes of the community. One player has figured out how to ignore the laws of gravity and create proper floating structures - and they look awesome.

A player on Reddit named ButterscotchPure4043 shared their builds with the community, showcasing these mesmerizing, spiraling structures floating above the terrain. According to the post, no mods or cheats were useed, rather they were built within the existing building mechanics.

The build itself starts on an excavated copper deposit, which technically uses an exploit to suspend them mid-air, though some may scoff using the expliot overall. However, the end result is beautiful, as ButterscotchPure4043 shows, the spiralized buildings show.

The player has released a tutorial on how to build these structures and take advantage of the copper excavation to get the effect properly. It's definitely worth checking out if you're looking to build something similar.

This week's Valheim patch adds a terrain modification system which makes changes to how the hoe, pickaxe and cultivator work with the terrain. Some other fixes sees Draugr stop spawning inside of stones. Finally. This isn't the only crazy build by the Valheim community, with players recreating major landmarks, as well as recreated plays such as World of Warcraft's Northrend.

Featured Image via Arch G on YouTube


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