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Valheim Mistlands Update is Live, With a New Biome to Explore, a New Magic System, and More

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After recent public testing, Valheim’s long-awaited Mistlands update is live for all. Expect a ton of new features, including a new magic system, a new building material, weapon, and even the first friendly/neutral NPCs, There’s also a new animated cinematic trailer that brings back characters from last year’s Hearth & Home trailer.’

When it comes to new mechanics, magic, and more, this update is so big that it’s one where the Iron Gate team advises you will probably want to start a new world. You’ll have to go explore and find the Mistlands, and they will never appear if you’ve already explored your entire map. The Mistlands themselves, when found, represent a new biome in the game, shrouded by thick mist, and loaded up with lore and history to discover.

Things will change, including the new magic system and a new essence, known as eitr. If you harvest eitr, then you can consume it and be blessed by the Yggdrasil World Tree, from where it comes, you can get the ability to wield fire, ice, and even necromantic powers. Well, you will once you also craft the required staff to use each type of magic, with your choice of array of destruction, protection, or necromantic conduits. Maybe more than one?

In addition to new ways to explore, and the new system, say hello to Valheim’s latest building material –Black marble, which is like the stuff you’ll find on ancient dwarven ruins around the lands. There’s also a new crossbow to keep your enemies away. The Arbalest is just one of the nine new weapons in the update.

You’ll also get the chance to run into some friendly NPCs for the first time in Valheim. Well, they could be friendly, or potentially neutral, but the dvergr have arrived.

As far as the rest of the update, you can farm mushrooms, get eggs and raise poultry, learn to use a number of new crafting materials, cook a whole bunch of new recipes,  and much more.

Read the full notes over at Valheim.


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