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Valheim Marks First Anniversary With Development Updates, Steam Deck Confirmation

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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It's the first anniversary for Valheim. Iron Gate’s game launched a year ago on February 2nd, 2021 and the team has an anniversary update with what's going on with development as well as what's coming up to mark a year of building, changes, creativity, and continued development.

Valheim released last year and got attention pretty quickly over what it offered. Over time, there has been a huge first update, Hearth & Home, with a significant revamp of food in the game, and updates on planned changes to the biomes over time. The year ended with caves and more to explore, surprise creatures, and word on more to come in 2022. The team has recently been having a building competition on Twitter showcasing creations that the community comes up with with all of the tools that are included and available to use in the game to build anything that they can imagine. 

The team says they have more news and surprises planned for this month to celebrate, but one piece they’ve given us now is abouthttps://store.steampowered.com/news/app/892970/view/3124937623694535167 progress on the mountain update. They're putting finishinglaunches this month touches on it, according to the anniversary post, and we should be able to see that substantial mountain update pretty soon. They've also continued working on The Mistlands update, working to completely get the core concept and what the biome will look like and be populated by once everything is implemented. To tease even more, they presented some concept art that looks like a giant mosquito type critter as “a feeling of where we’re heading”. Expect new build pieces as well as new enemies, and they've teased that there will be new mechanics introduced too.

Valheim will also support the Steam Deck after that  too. They're working on the build that will run smoothly on it to let Valheim become a portable experience.  

You can read the full anniversary post here.


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