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Valheim is Getting a Board Game Adaptation

A crowdfunding campaign is on the way, and more reveals are coming

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Valheim is the latest game to inspire the creation of a board game. The project was announced today ahead of a crowdfunding campaign this fall.

What can we expect? As Valheim is a game with lots of components, from the personal work to gather resources, build, and survive in a variety of biomes, the board game looks to try and capture various parts of that experience. According to the announcement, the board game will be designed for one to four players, as you, as in the video game, play as Viking heroes in Valheim. To support this board game, the art team will create original figurines, a Viking longhouse, and more to enhance the immersion.

The adaptation of Valheim into a board game experience will be made by MOOD Publishing, via a partnership with Iron Gate Studio and Coffee Stain Publishing. Behind the design mechanics will be Ole Steiness, a Valheim fan and designer who previously adapted the dwarven themed co-op game Deep Rock Galactic into a board game.

There will be four initial biomes included: Black Forest, the Meadows, the Mountains, and Swamps, with more to possibly come down the line. You start with a very simple house with no resources and a need to get out there and explore the land, learn to craft weapons and build up your base. If this sounds familiar, it should, and the team wants it to be because they're looking to take the inspiration to a different format and appeal to fans of the video game as well as tabletop players new to the indie hit.

Iron Gate’s co-founder, Henrik Törnqvist, in a press release, says  “We definitely didn’t have ‘valheim board game’ on our bingo card when we set out to develop the game, but it is incredibly exciting for us”.

The crowdfunding campaign is expected to launch sometime later in the year, and more reveals are on the way, including boss encounters, art, rules, and more..


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