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Valheim is Coming to Microsoft Store This Year and Xbox Game Pass in Early 2023, With Full Cross-Play

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Announced at the Xbox Bethesda Extended Showcase today, Valheim will be making its way to the Microsoft Store and PC Game Pass this fall, followed by Xbox Game Pass in early 2023.

Iron Gate’s game will feature full cross-play when it releases across platforms, so if you’re looking to play another way or with friends on Xbox, or even Microsoft Store owners and Steam players, you’ll be able to do just that.

The ports for the Microsoft Store and Xbox will be handled by two studios, Piktiv and Fishlabs. 

The launch confirmation of Valheim on additional platforms didn’t come with a whole lot of details other than these, but the console launch trailer featured a number of buildings and designs contributed by the community. This should give potential future console players a taste of just what will be possible in this game.

There will be more details to come on both of these release, including firmer dates later. 

Meanwhile, work continues on Valheim’s original PC launch, as Iron Gate continues to work on the Mistlands and other content to come. 

For more, head over to Valheim.


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