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Valheim Hearth and Home Update Improving Battle Axes, Nerfs Bows

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Iron Gate Studios have published their final spotlight for Valheim’s upcoming Hearth and Home update. This time, it’s all about weapons.

It looks like the two-handed axe will have a faster windup time. It’s also receiving a buff to stagger damage and improved cleaving. This should pair nicely with its quick knockback attack. However, keep in mind it’s still a flow and heavy weapon. This means you’ll have to be strategic in its use and be a bit more deliberate.

Changes are also coming to the bow in the Hearth and Home update. For example, Iron Gate is nerfing it a bit so it doesn’t feel as overpowered. Their aim here is to make it feel more balanced. As a result, draw speed has been tweaked so you can’t instantly draw your bow even if you max your bow skill. To balance this, keeping your bow drawn will cost less stamina than it does at present.

Previously in this Hearth and Home spotlight series, Iron Gate has outlined its adjustments to health and stamina mechanics. If you missed that, catch up here. Additionally, a pretty major overhaul to food is expected to arrive as well.

We still have no word on when exactly the Hearth and Home update will release for Valheim. However, Iron Gate did tease a different sort of video prior to the release of the update. We’ll keep an eye out.


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