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Valheim Fixes Steam Cloud Updates to Stop Data Loss, Adds Midsummer Items, and Fixes Several Issues

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Work continues on upcoming features in Valheim, but this week there’s a new update that improves Steam Cloud saves and adds some Midsummer-themed items so you can get festive.

Valheim has had some issues with Steam Cloud, and a fix looks to be here. Sometimes playing on multiple accounts on the same PC would result in some player saves to get wiped. This was the more concerning issue, but clearly, you wouldn’t want hours of  time going poof because you shared a PC with someone else. 

The update fixes this issue by changing how the game saves data, saving the cloud saves in the Steam userdata folder but moving the local save files for those who play on dedicated servers and/or use multiple accounts, will be saved in a new local folder saved next to the old location. Valve has also granted Valheim more cloud storage capacity.

This will also keep the old save file location but stop saving anything new there. These changes are designed to let you see which characters and worlds are on the cloud and which ones are locally stored and when you start a local save with Cloud saves enabled, the file will be saved in the cloud folder with a local backup. You can also now rename save files for additional clarity.

Also in this update are some decorative Midsummer items, like the Maypole, flower crowns, and several newly available banner colors, like purple and yellow.

Fixes include an update to Unity, bringing it to 2020.3.33, which should reduce crashes. Stubborn tamed animals have been taught something new and tamed animals should now behave correctly and follow a player into Haldor’s forcefield. 

You can now mark your game as modded with an isModded flag, which informs other players and the Iron Gate team. There’s also a new console server command ‘recall’, which teleports other players to your location.

For more, see the update notes over at Valheim.


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