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Valheim Crossplay Added To Permit Servers Across Platforms, Along With Some Bug Fixes

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Last month, Iron Gate Studios revealed that Valheim would be getting a crossplay patch that would let players play the game with anyone, regardless of platform. On this day, the game also debuted on the Microsoft store and PC Game Pass with full cross-play support. That patch went live the other day and yesterday, there was a minor update to fix some bugs that  resulted.

Crossplay support was the main goal of the patch, which also improved a couple of other things and added some supporting elements. One example of this is the “join game” tab now lets you add favorite servers and to be able to see if a server supports crossplay.

While you can play with players who have Valheim on any platform, if you bought the game on Steam, you can only launch it through Steam. If you bought the game on the Microsoft store, you will be able to play on Xbox once it's released.

If you create and run a server, you can specifically add crossplay as a parameter to your dedicated server. This will result in a code that anyone will need to join the server. Once you have that coat out you can give it to players who can then use the join game tab, press to add server, and paste in your code in order to join. This code will be regenerated whenever the server is restarted, so you'll have to remember to give players the code again if they want to continue playing on that server. 

Yesterday, there was a small patch released to correct a few issues that came up after the crossplay patch went live. One fix now lets you have multiple server instances on the same computer. There are also tweaks for Linux launches and a DOCKER script for servers. 

Read more over at Valheim.


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