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Valheim Crosses 4 Million Copies Sold

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Viking-themed survival game, Valheim, has sold over 4 million copies in less than three weeks since its Early Access release.

This follows the game touching 500,000 concurrent Steam players this pas weekend. The latest sales milestone was announced in a Steam post earlier where they shared additional stats. In total, Valheim has been played for 10,000 years. This amounts to 3,649,980 more days than its 20 day stint on Steam.

This new sales milestone comes just days after Valheim crossed the 3 million copies sold mark late last week. The game isn’t without its issues, of course. Developer Iron Gate continues to update the game, recently adding a Join IP option in the server browser.

If you’re looking for our thoughts on the game, check out Bradford’s impressions after the first few hours with the game. If you’re heading out into the Plains biome, beware of the Deathsquitoes since they are the literal worst.


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