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Valheim Coming To Game Pass PC, Microsoft Store Later This Month, Still No Release Date On Mistlands

The new biome has been years in the making

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Iron Gate announced today that its popular Viking survival game, Valheim, would be making the jump to Xbox Game Pass PC, as well as become available on the Microsoft Store. While the new way to access Valheim is sure to excite, there is still the matter of the Mistlands themselves, which are not quite ready for release according to a new blog post.

Valheim will come to Xbox Game Pass PC on September 29th, as well as launching as a stand-alone game to buy from Microsoft's own Windows Store. The Viking survival title has been on Steam since it launched, and is coming to Xbox consoles themselves later on in Q2 2023. 

This marks a new way for players to jump into the Viking afterlife, especially those who might not have wanted to pay for Early Access, but are willing to give it a try as part of their existing Game Pass sub.

Valheim, however, is still waiting to be updated with the upcoming Mistlands content drop, which Iron Gate states yesterday is still being worked on, though no official date for its release has been given. The survival game launched last year in February 2021 and since then has slowly see a drip feed of bug fixes, patches and more. Last year's Hearth & Home update added a multitude of changes, including ones to combat and stamina, but players have been waiting for the upcoming Mistlands biome ever since we first landed there and discovered it was empty.

A new post on the Steam feed states that progress is being made, but Iron Gate are holding off giving an official release date for the Mistlands update as of yet. This is due to some changes the team is making to the update since they've been testing it, finding the dungeons themselves that they put into the Mistlands weren't as rewarding as they had hoped.

"You might have read that we came to the conclusion that some of the steps in the Mistlands progression weren’t quite in the right order. We have put in a lot of work to create nice (and creepy) dungeons for the biome, but we realised they didn’t serve as much of a progression purpose, nor feel as rewarding, as we wanted them to. So after some discussion we added a special extractor item used for processing and a new Core; the Black Core. We’d love to read your guesses on what they’ll be used for!"

In the meantime, Iron Gate are looking at new hairstyles to add to Valheim, and are asking for some feedback from the community. The latest patch also fixes some bugs, as well as adds an experimental patch to the survival game that starts the process of testing crossplay, though not much real info is given into how that will actually work.

You can read the full update on the Steam blog.


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