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Valheim Bug Is Destroying Worlds, Though It's Pretty Rare To Encounter

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If you've been playing Valheim, you might want to back up your files, just in case. A bug is running wild in the survival sim, and while the team states it's pretty rare, you might want to take precautions on how to fix your game should you run into the World Destroyer.

Via Twitter, CEO of Iron Gate Studio, Richard Svensson, warned of the potential game-breaking bug and urged players to back up both their worlds and character files to be on the safe side.

To backup your files, the developer pointed players in the right direction, instructing them to navigate to the C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\ folder and from there you can create copies of your current worlds and characters. Since character data is something that carries with you regardless of where you're playing, be it a local world on your system or a dedicated server with your friends, backing up that data is crucial. 

The team states also that they haven't been able to replicate said world-destroying bug, but that reports seem to incidate that it affects those more who ALT+F4 to quickly quit the game versus using the in-game menu instead. So you might want to cool it with the hotkeys, at least until the team can discover what is causing this bug and squash it. 

For those players running dedicated servers, you should be able to back up your world via an FTP, or if you're using a host that has it built it you can also back up your files via your server dashboard. I run a server for some friends and did it both ways - just to be on the safe side.

Valheim has become something of a darling hit the last week, selling over one million copies since it hit Steam Early Access on February 2nd. We've been playing Valheim (and will be streaming it tomorrow night at 8pm PST/11 pm EST on Twitch) and for me personally it's helped soothe that survival game itch I've had since taking a break from the genre.


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