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Valheim Brings Back the Midsummer Items and Optimizes Performance, File Sizes and More

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Iron Gate has a new update for Valheim that brings back the midsummer items, but is mostly a performance optimization patch overall.

Midsummer items are back, with the Maypole and Midsummer crown now back to enjoy for the season. Or for the first time if you’re new to the game or have joined in since Xbox release. 

The team touches on all areas of the game, including load times, and looking to make the game faster and run better. This update brings improvements to performance, memory, and networking improvements in both new or unexplored worlds and already established and explored worlds.  

Save files get several improvements and optimizations. Save file sizes are reduced, with additional tweaks for greater stability and fixes for issues. The manage saves menu will load faster and gets some bug fixes that affected the GUI when deleting saves. Corrupted world saves, saves with loading errors, or missing meta files now get an option to restore the most recent (working) backup directly from the select world menu.

Also when it comes to save files,  when you start a world in a new version, there will be an automatic backup. when you load into a new world version, a permanent backup will also be created. This should increase stability and access with these automatic backups that will also support the other fixes such as the new option to restore the working backup directly from the menu. For consistency, this patch also now prevents loading into a world made in any version of the game newer than what you currently have installed.

A few other tweaks are fixes and quality of life changes. Some of these are platform-specific. Steam Deck and Big Picture get fixes for minimap pin output. On Xbox, there is now UI scaling after this patch. 

This is one of those housekeeping updates that some might not find very exciting but are the ones keeping the bones of the game running and increased stability is always a good thing.

For more, see the notes over at Valheim.


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