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Valheim As An MMO? These Modders Want To Make It Happen

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Valheim modders and builders have created some great, crazy things since the Viking-flaired survival game has launched into Early Access earlier this year. However, one team of modders is looking to take it a step further and create a way to turn the survival game into an MMO of sorts.

According to PC Gamer, the project is called VaLNGOS, or Valheim Large Network Game Object Server Suite, and the team behind it is looking to expand upon the 10-player restriction currently in place by Valheim itself. The team is already running a server called Comfy Valheim, which supports up to 64 players already. But they have higher ambitions with the team looking to open it up further using programming tricks they've worked on to expand even into the "thousands."

The VaLNGOS website describes the project as a "'from scratch' open-source implementation of the Valheim game server. The project's priorities include: enabling high performance 1000+ slot servers, ease of mod scripting and third party integration, un-modded client compatibility, and community driven leadership." As far as features to be seen on the MMO server, the team is looking to move all the game logic to the server, ending the Peer 2 Peer networking in Valheim, as well as provide mod support and more for players who play on the server.

While the idea is still in the research phase, it brings about an interesting prospect of turning Valheim from a small, contained comunity game into something more like the typical survival MMOs we see out there. There isn't a timetable as to when this project will be live or even able to be deployed, but it is interesting to ponder what a Valheim MMO could really look like, even if it's player-made.

Valheim has captured the attention of many gamers this year, providing a chill, more forgiving survival experience compared to other games in the genre. The community has created some simply stunning structures and builds as we all wait for the next major update from the team, such as floating structures. While the major patch adding more content into Valheim hasn't released yet, the team did retool how hoes and terrain works in Valheim.


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