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Valentione's Day Is Coming In Final Fantasy XIV, This Time With New Items For Your Chocobo

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Valentione's Day is coming next week to Final Fantasy XIV, and the seasonal event is bringing new items to the MMORPG. In addition to a wall mounted item for your house, Lisette de Valentione is keen to help bling your Chocobo out in style.

The event starts with Lisette de Valentione once again needing your help. Head to Old Gridania to grab the quest, which you'll need to be at least level 15 to kick off. Helping Lisette with her task will see you rewarded with a wall mounted Valentione's Day mobile, as well as some all new barding for your favorite Chocobo.

Of course, these aren't the only items available during the event itself, which runs from February 8th through the 21st in-game. As with previous Valentione's Day events, items from events long-past can be obtained through the House Valentione Maid NPC as well.

FFXIV Valentione's Day event rewards

You can check out the full details, as well as the exact coordinates in Old Gridania to head to on the official Event page on the FFXIV website. The MMORPG itself is still going through some growing pains, and while the game itself has gone back on sale and server transfers opened back up as of last week, the free trial which has helped make Final Fantasy XIV so popular still remains shut down. 


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