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Valentine's Day Events

Keith Cross Posted:
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IGG has announced a series of events to celebrate Valentine's day in Myth War II.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming around the corner, the air is thick with the sweet scent of roses and chocolates. Myth War team from IGG has prepared the wonderful event series for Myth War inhabitants to express their sentiments.

Event 1:

Love does not begin or end in one day. Since the day Cupid’s arrow penetrated the hearts of Kelina and Andrew, these two young men could never bear to part. But before we give them our blessing, their love must be tested. Team up with your beloved and complete our quest to find out the strength of love. Love Guru and take part in fights. Special prizes like Saint Pet are on offer.

Event 2:

A grand wedding ceremony will be held for 10 players with the most glorious deeds in PK battles. On Valentine’s Day, the GM will act as the Master of Ceremony to host the ceremony. Those heartfelt and touching wedding vows, beautiful flowers and the ringing of bells will be combined to give a most romantic feeling. Your wedding will be a splendid spectacle. February 14, for the whole day, let’s indulge ourselves in love.

Event 3:

We will hold a Valentine’s Day Screenshot Contest. You can take screenshots in the game or hand draw something game based, then submit them to us. Photoshop or other graphics programs can be use to process or edit images.

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Keith Cross