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V4's Reaper Class Arrives With Events and a New Skillbook System for All Classes

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PC and mobile cross-platform MMO V4 just just got its biggest update of the year. Nexon’s centerpiece is the new Reaper class, but the update also changes the way characters can skill up for all of its classes with two new systems.

The Reaper is a mid-range damage dealer that uses a lance and a scythe, which is fitting for the fast, hard hitting class. Even cooler is the Reaper’s weapon can transform in different ways based on skills, so this new class is going to be one to watch. And all classes will be getting some serious new upgrades and skills.

The update comes with new item sets at all gear levels to collect and a new Skill Mastery system. Skill Mastery unlocks once a character reaches level 20 in more than one active skill in the grade. The ability to customize and have fun with your characters will also expand with the addition of Legendary Class Skills. Each class gets to unlock a special epic Legendary Class Skill via the new skillbook system. The Reaper's skill is called Punishing Thunderclap and it looks like a retaliatory blast of lightning that hits hard.

The update also brings with it several events that introduce these new systems but also give ways to get skillbooks and other rewards for logging in or completing missions and challenges.

These special events will run in phases throughout September and will let players exchange certain items for new Reaper gear, get skillbooks, and even to just nab some loot from just logging in daily. That loot can really add up, especially when some are Epic accessories, Fine Set tokens and 2,000,000 gold.

For more on the V4  Reaper update, the game changing new Legendary Skills or the events and how to get all that sweet loot, you can visit the V4 update page. For our impressions of V4, and how well it puts the MMO in your pocket and PC, check out our review of the original release.



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