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V Rising Sells 2.5m Copies, Stunlock Previews the First Major Update Coming in 2023

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Stunlock Studios revealed that they’ve sold over 2.5 million copies of V Rising. In the first devblog in a while, the team reviews the time since launch, and announces “the evolution of V Rising” including its first major content update.

The devs say they will continue focusing on the game for the foreseeable future. Fueled by the success and community response, this changed their plans for major content updates. The first major content update was intended to be out this year, but V Rising’s first major update will be coming in 2023.  

“We want V Rising to be the best it can possibly be, and with that in mind, we’ve realized we’ll have to do some serious, deep systemic work on the game. V Rising is a complex project, and every added feature affects other loops of the game; significant changes require re-work and fixes across the board.”

In essence, Stunlock wants to secure the foundation some more before building a whole lot more on top of it. They promise this will be a massive update that not only will add new content, but will set the game up for the future. While the devblog doesn’t confirm exactly what to expect, there are some descriptions of what they’re potentially looking to add.

Some of these ideas include more additions to castle customization, including the ability to relocate the castle more easily and new cosmetic contents. Part of this could mean adding multiple floors to your castle. One improvement that is coming is an expansion of the world. Vardoran will get bigger, with at least one new biome, more bosses, creatures, dangers, and more. They’re also going to improve what’s already there too, adding points of interest and other reasons to explore.

You can also likely expect new weapons, PvE improvements, which go along with the larger world, balance changes, PvP improvements, V blood choice, and other features getting polished, and improved to add more player agency.

There’s a lot brewing for V Rising. Read the full devblog for more details.


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