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V Rising Secrets of Gloomrot's First Full Trailer Previews Next Week's Huge New Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Secrets of Gloomrot, the free expansion update coming to V Rising next week, gets its first full trailer, revealing more of the biome of Gloomrot, improved building, combat, bosses, and more lore elements to look forward to.

The update will be out on May 17th, the first anniversary of the day that V Rising launched into Early Access last year. The team at Stunlock Studios has been promising that the first major update will be a huge one, and thanks to early success and fast sales, the team has had the resources to rebuild huge portions of the game, including how building will work.

Gloomrot lives up to its name in some of the peeks we’ve gotten. There will be variation, but the update looks to change a lot of V Rising, while also adding a whole lot of depth. The region of Gloomrot itself will be one of the game's larger regions, so there's much to explore. This is fitting, since the update looks to strengthen V Rising’s RPG elements, offering some lore and narrative points about scientific experimentation and inspiring enemies that you’ll encounter. You can also look forward to new points of interest in Vardoran, and new items. These changes and additions will also impact the world and make it richer. There are 30 new enemy types, in addition to 13 new bosses on the way.

The trailer offers a bit of everything, from touching on these mysterious new narrative pieces, to the huge building and customization changes, and the many changes and additions to combat. A previous trailer went closer into combat, but this is one of the major features of the update. Combat has been improved across the board and diversified with new weapon types, and an entire new spell school, Storm. There's also a customization and progression system called the jewel system, that you can use to modify your spells and customize your build.

So expect a number of new options, including multi-level castles, new items, new ways to decorate, and a whole lot more to make your vampire experience even bigger and richer than before. 

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