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V Rising Optimizes Servers Due to Demand, Fixes Bugs and Map issues, and Changes the Social Panel

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V Rising got a recent patch, and the changes run from bug fixes and responses to community feedback, as well as changes in response to the incredible demand for the game since its Early Access launch. The update also comes with some ways for the community to contribute to translate it into requested languages.

Primary in this update is server optimization processes for servers that were having long up times or seeing heavy demand. With the quick response and sales for V Rising hitting over 1.5 million copies by the end of May, alongside the number of positive reviews, it's no surprise that servers might be seeing some hiccups. As a complementary feature, the map and minimap on servers that have a lot of castles on them were also given an optimization boost. 

There's also an update to the social panel. Now you can see a display of all players connected to the server, as well as their SteamID. Another change to social is for the chat. The chat system now lets you mute other players and doing so is persistent between sessions. The social panel overhaul also stops those players who were doing this from using it as an informal in-game radar.

Some of the bugs fixed in this round were stopping minimap icons from disappearing, stopping servants from being able to open the doors of enemy castles, and fixing lootable containers that were getting stuck and never respawning. Servants are also able to be summoned back to their coffins if they get locked outside their castle and aren't in combat.

With the demand for V Rising, it’s not surprising that there are also inquiries and community projects to help increase availability. The Stunlock team has opened a page to let the community help with translation into the most requested languages.

For more on the update, see the notes at V Rising.



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