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V Rising Gets Hotfix and Sells 3 Million Copies, With Devblog Coming Soon on Upcoming Expansion

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 V Rising  has a new patch to fix some issues, and Stunlock Studios has announced that the open-world vampire survival game has sold over three million copies in Early Access.

The latest patch is a series of hotfixes for a number of issues,  covering a few issues with spells and sometimes unintended consequences of those bugs. One of these involved using dash spells and winding up with lengthened movement time and a mistakenly lower cooldown. 

Other parts of the patch involve some adjustments for balance and improved function. The unstuck feature will now make you lose durability and starts the respawn timer if you try using it in PvP. Also regarding PvP, protection will now drop appropriately when you’re present on territory breached during a raid. Since that terrain is no longer safe, it makes sense that now you’ll have to find some way to defend and no longer be safe from PvP in that moment. 

These are smaller fixes and changes intended to be more maintenance than much else. However, in the announcement of a new patch, Stunlock decided to reveal that they will be releasing a new devblog soon. With a series of major overhauls and new features and content promised, they’ll be sharing some more on what this will look like soon.

That update, the upcoming big free expansion that the studio has promised, will be out sometime this year. It will be a while, since, as the team announced a couple of months back, that the work ahead of them had grown, especially in light of V Rising’s success.

“We hope that this makes your Vampire journey a bit more to your liking and that you look forward to our new upcoming dev blog just around the corner, where we’ll be diving into some of the juicy details of what you’ll be sinking your fangs into later this year!”

The successful Early Access clearly continues, with the reveal of the game having sold three million copies since opening its doors to would-be vampires last year.


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