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V Rising Enters Early Access for All Your Vampire Survival Action Needs

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 V Rising has entered Early Access following its recent closed beta, and Stunlock Studios’ vampire survival game arrives with a new launch trailer. 

Taking cues from other survival games, RPGs, and action games, the developer has decided to blend combat similar to some of their earlier PVP titles but exploring what it means to be a new vampire in a brutal and harsh world. The result is V Rising, intended as a dark gothic fantasy Survival action with RPG elements. Now that the game is available to all, you'll be able to purchase Early Access options through Steam. 

You'll be able to play solo or also co-op depending on how you prefer to experience this world. Official servers will support up to 40 players, so the danger will vary depending on your particular circumstances. You'll be able to fight mythical monsters, bandits (useful for feeding), observe the humans in power as well as figure out how to get the blood you need to power your new form of life as well as your castle once you start building it.

The team revealed that your castle's defenses will also depend on blood so you'll be able to feed to get new powers and abilities and to fuel your own actions. Yet your biggest defense, and production center will be your castle. Both the castle’s defenses and its production capabilities also depend on blood, so you’ll have to keep working to maintain this.

Dangers to your power, castle, and fortunes can include both the humans that have power in the world as well as other fellow vampires who are also newly awakened and trying to establish themselves. If you want to play in a diplomatic way, you can  arrange that, but in a game like this there is the threat of betrayal, as well as change depending on circumstances.

For more on V Rising, and purchase options for Early Access, head to the official site. 


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