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V Rising Devs Reveal How Many V Bloods Have Been Killed Since The 1.0 Launch & More

Sam Plaisance Posted:
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V Rising launched out of early access into its 1.0 version on May 8th, and on May 16th, the developers decided to share a few details on what fellow vampires have accomplished so far. 

In just a singular week, over 5 million V Bloods have been defeated and siphoned for their special powers. More than 90k horses were dominated, while 687,031 rats were devoured by players. The most used weapon currently in V Rising is the Sword, and the most used spell school has been announced to be Chaos magic. 

We all know vampires are not too keen on sunlight, but 356,530 vampires learned the hard way that sunlight burns them to death while roaming the grounds. More so, over 463k castles have been built, and out of those 128, 229 have been relocated throughout the week. 

V Rising is a survival game where we take on the lives of bloodsucking vampires who can craft weapons and armor to take down increasingly difficult bosses known as V Bloods. Initially launching into early access back in May of 2022, it is now out of early access, where players have a chance to take in the V Bloods and enemies in an entirely different way than they did in early access. 

Weapons have been modified, new Rift Incursions have been added, and at the end of it all, we get to face none other than Dracula himself within the bounds of his castle. 

We also learned that V Rising is headed to PlayStation next month, which will give everyone a chance to have a bloodsucking good time in version 1.0. 


Sam Plaisance