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Use Your Currency and Open Chests in Swords of Legends Online Before the New Season

Last season's rewards will be unusable or replaced.

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 When Swords of Legends Online gets its next major update, The Forbidden Court,  on November 18th, several types of currencies and chests will become unusable, renamed,  or replaced. This is to keep everything current with each season.

A new NPC called Diqi will appear after the update goes live. She’ll be found outside of the Yaotian Palace. You will be able to trade some of your old currencies to her in exchange for gear. Since the Maplesong  season of The Garden of Blades ends with this new patch, related currency will no longer drop, but you can give it to her for equivalent gear.

Writs of the Continents will get a new name, Writs of the Continents: Maplesong but you can still use them to exchange for gear from the 1.0 content season.  Some chests will also be renamed to have Maplesong in their names to show that they are from the earlier season. In this case, you should be sure to open up all your chests before the new update on November 18th, because if you wait, you will not be able to open any of these chests. You will have the option of selling them to a merchant for gold, but otherwise, you're out of luck if you're too late.

Those are all PVP related currencies and rewards, but PVE related currencies, The Mysterious Parchments, will be removed from the Book of Mysteries. After the patch is live, you can sell them off for gold or trade with Diqi.

It seems that currencies and rewards will change going forward based on the season. It’s one way to adjust and safeguard the game’s economy and set everyone on a more level starting ground. Just be sure to exchange and use everything during the current season.

For the full list of changes, see the SOLO announcement here.


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