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Craig McGregor Posted:
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The Adellion website has been updated with a letter to the community including several screenshots from the Alpha version (which is running right now) and characters' artworks. A snippet from their news is below along with the new screenshots which we have added to our gallery:

Once again I get the enviable pleasure of telling all our loyal fans about many of the cool things we have been doing in the past few months.

Things have been very quiet on the Adellion website for a while, but the situation in the development of the Adellion game has been the exact opposite.

First, there was the admission of our first group of testers. They got a chance to look at our Alpha 1 or “environmental” version. This is a special version of a single two square mile game tile that we use to test many of the environmental aspects of the game. Our testers got to take a character and run around on the game world, checking the game to see if it ran on their own home hardware.

There were a few interesting bugs uncovered, and more than a few interesting discussions and suggestion on what they saw. In general, the reaction was very positive and we got quite a bit of material from them to think about.

To read more, click here to visit the official site.


Craig McGregor