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[UPDATED] The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Launches Today, But Not Without Issues

Greymoor launch mired in connectivity problems

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Greymoor, the latest chapter in Elder Scrolls Online, has released today on PC and Mac, but the launch hasn't been without its share of problems.

[UPDATED 5/26/20] As of this writing, NA servers will experience a login queue as noted by a Tweet from the official account pointing to a Maintenance Post:

"In response to the recent long loading screens and other related issues that have been occurring on the PC NA megaserver, we will be enabling a temporary login queue momentarily to limit the number of players on the server at once. Note that anyone who is currently logged in will not be kicked out."

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If you recall, Greymoor was actually delayed before given a new release date of May 26 (today) for PC and Mac, and June 9 for consoles. The delay was expectedly due to the current pandemic and the work from home challenges it created across the industry.

Today, after the ESO servers were updated with Update 26 and Greymoor, the team at ZeniMax Online Studios ran into some issues preventing players from accessing Western Skyrim. 

A few hours later, the team posted an update restimating the servers would reopen within the hour, however, while the servers are open again,  as recently at 2pm EST, the team is still investigating issues where some players have not been able to proceed past the log in screen.

Issues on launch days for MMOs are nothing new, and it's a little more understandable this time around as the team is launching the anticipated Chapter from home due to the current global pandemic. Hopefully all of the problems can be resolved quickly so adventurers can jump into The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor soon.

If you’re unfamiliar with Greymoor, the latest chapter sees us return to the land of Skyrim, and specifically, Western Skyrim. We’ll explore Blackreach, the vast underground city beneath Skyrim, while we uncover the vampire threat within.

Greymoor will feature returning heroes like Lyris Titanborn, in addition to familiar locations like the city of Solitude in Western Skyrim. A new Antiquities system is set to make its debut, taking us across Tamriel as we hunt for special items. Changes to the existing Vampire skill line are also making their debut.

If you’ve missed it, you can grab the Prologue quest for free in the Crown Store as you work with Lyris to reveal the threat facing Skyrim. You can check out our preview of the chapter, along with a few ways to get started in the latest chapter for ESO.


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