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UPDATED RUMOR: Aeria Still On Board as NA Publisher

Suzie Ford Posted:
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UPDATE: After our repeated attempts to reach Aeria Games about whether or not the company is still on board for publishing Bless Online, the Bless-Source Facebook page has been updated with what purports to be a developer statement. It is a brief note to let players know that they are still on board as the North American publisher. We will continue to reach out in the hopes of more direct and official confirmation.

There are some rumors that Aeria is no longer the Publisher of Bless in North America and Europe. It's not true. The new combat system is almost done so you can expect some dates early 2017.

Thanks, WNxbadboy3!

Players have been clamoring for news about the arrival of Bless in North America. Originally slated to be published by Aeria Games, then later Gamigo after the two merged, there has not been an update since September and the Aeria  teaser site is down. From what we can determine, it appears that Aeria / Gamigo is out as the NA publisher. Repeated attempts to contact representatives of both companies remain unanswered.

We will continue to reach out to Aeria and Gamigo for clarification. We have also reached out to NeoWiz in Korea to learn more.

Bless has been sitting at the top of many players' "most wanted" lists after being very successful in Korea. The most recent news about the game has been the commencement of the Russian open beta and news that a mobile version is in the works.

What do you think of the disappearance of the Bless Aeria site and the lack of updates for the past three months?


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