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UPDATED: New World December Update Not Happening Yet, But There's Some Good News on Taxes For Now

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Amazon continues working on server transfers for New World, with other updates also happening. When it comes to the big December update, however, we’ll all have to wait a little longer, since there will be a promised announcement when exactly it will come out. There is some good news about taxes, however. That followed some bad news about taxes.

When the November update caused some additional issues, and thee conomy suffered under downtime and exploits,  Amazon announced that tax rates would be at 10% until December to offset some of the damage. They announced yesterday that taxes would be going back to the full amount with the December update, which does follow with the original reduction announcement, but the community response was overwhelmingly negative, especially with there still being some uncertainty. Amazon later retracted this and declared that:

Who raises taxes before the holidays? What kind of Scrooge are we?

To add to the spirit of the holidays, we will keep the housing tax discount live through December.

Happy Holidays!

With the December update still having no date (and there being an announcement that there will be an announcement, it makes sense to keep it for now. With the monthly updates intended to be large ones that shape the game, after November, it makes sense to take the time with this one. 

Server merges continue, with there being some issues popping up in between, but otherwise, the merges so far have worked and had their subsequent issues sorted. Still, with the December update coming and a chance to continue to work on making things stable for the players, making sure that they know the announcement will be on the way (likely soon) is better than silence.

For more on New World, the continued server transfers, and the December announcement to come, see the official update.

UPDATED: The December update will happen tomorrow.


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