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UPDATED - New World Begins Compensation for Downtime, Then Puts EU Central into Maintenance for Potential Issue

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Yesterday, Amazon held downtime for New World to patch out the time skip bugs that had been appearing on servers, to fix crashing issues, and reduce housing taxes to 10% temporarily. The notes after that maintenance was done let  everyone know that there would be more compensation coming for different issues in recent weeks. Last night, they held a second downtime for a new update that started doling out that compensation. Today,  after investigating the initial coin compensation,  the team has taken the EU Central region into emergency maintenance mode.

The second patch aimed to fix issues with The Ritual quest that was causing players to be unable to complete it, stability issues, and restored the Harvester gear set back into the game. Harvester gear was accidentally removed with the last update, which marked all pieces of the set as future content. Affected players should find a chest with the entire Harvester set at whatever maximum gear score and tier that they had achieved before.

When it comes to the economy, this is where things often get dicey. The recent number of exploits that caused the team to disable trading  temporarily, as well as the effects of bugs like time skips for entire servers, led the team to promise  compensation depending on how players or their Companies were affected. They promised one-time reimbursements WAr declarations, territory stations that might have been downgraded, and housing taxes. Some players on the New World forums are reporting excessive coin compensation, with some seeing over 300,000 gold. Discrepancies seem to be behind taking the EU Central server into maintenance mode. There's currently no update for when it will be back or if there were any issues to be addressed.

For more on the second patch from last night and the current EU status, see the update on New World.

UPDATE Downtime continues on the EU Central region, with no ETA, but the team is now saying there will be a rollback of some sort.


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